Hatty McCafferty

Hatty is a certified Menopause Consultant who is passionate about leading by example so others can do the same. She has a unique ability to unify people from C-suite to the most junior with her high energy, authencitity and humour. Having interviewed more than 100 people for her award-winning podcast, Real Menopause Talk, she supports all genders along the Perimenopause transition with a natural aptitude towards including men in the conversation, even if they initially resist.

Her strong background in TV and global experience teaching in fitness make her the perfect speaker and host inspiring clear communication, meaningful connection and confidence. Organisations hire Hatty because of her simple strategies that support employees’ wellbeing, boost productivity and nify them as a collective.

Hatty makes the workplace Menopause Attractive: “By 2030, there will be 1.2billion of us, so let’s start talking.” She also has 2 daughters, 3 cats, a husband and a cockapoo called

Real Menopause Talk is an opportunity for everyone to share and hear stories about real life experiences of Peri to Post Menopause and the impact it has on all life has to offer.

Real Menopause Talk is also a platform for the best resources available so you no longer have to do your own research; you can find solutions and support that suit you, from HRT to diet advice from acupuncture to bonafide supplements. It is a resource in itself as simply being part of a trusting, safe ommunity can improve symptoms.

Sometimes just knowing you are not the only one, is a step in the right direction. Be prepared for sharing, maybe over-sharing, some swearing and brutal honesty. There will be laughter, tears and deep connection through shared experience. Nothing is taboo here so please arrive with an open and willing mind!

PS. We have to learn to be all things – CEO, Director, Detective, Co-conspirator, Cheerleader and Mama to our own Menopause experience as it will vary for each and every one of us.. Once we are able to take it on as part of our legacy, we have the ability to control so much more.

When we have knowledge, we have options and we can choose how to navigate the road ahead. Even with this knowledge, there will be bumps in the road, but we’ll arrive at the next phase of our life feeling a lot better put together, more confident and ready to celebrate the rest of our lives!