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Hatty McCafferty

Hatty is a certified Menopause Consultant with a unique ability to unify people from C-suite to most junior with her energy, authenticity and humour. Having interviewed more than 100 people for her award-winning podcast, she supports all genders along the Perimenopause transition with a natural aptitude for including men in the conversation.

Her strong background in TV and global experience teaching in fitness make her the perfect speaker and host inspiring clear communication, meaningful connection and confidence. Hatty delivers simple strategies that support employees’ wellbeing, boost productivity and unify them as a collective. Hatty has lived in Europe and the Caribbean and is well-versed in cultural differences. Her respectful, inclusive delivery ensures that everyone leaves uplifted.

She lives in London with her husband, two daughters, three cats and their cockapoo called Dennis.


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on 5/3/2023

Hatty is just amazing. Have been listening to her podcasts since last 6 months to gain more insights into menopause and her work is fabulous. If you or your partner is going through this phase of life...

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on 12/31/2022

I wish I had this podcast 10 years ago! It’s better late than never for me to join it. I so appreciate your open talk about a topic that is still so mysterious. Thank you!

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on 9/29/2022

Such a great podcast, I love that you talk to a variety of women who tell there personal story mixed with entrepreneurial businesses which support such an underserviced area of health. Thanks!

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on 8/20/2022

Interesting, Real and Informative. I love this podcast and all the different conversations it presents. Every time different and relatable and always interesting. This is a must for everyone young and...

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